Aerel Xilocent

Elven Treasure Hunter


Aerel grew up in Absalom, the only child of a retired adventuring wizard and a commercial alchemist. Although he spent his first century of life in the City in the Center of the World, his education was surprisingly traditional for his race. Days were spent in a close knit community of elves that valued the traditional elvish traditions. He learned the value of patience, the value of knowledge, and the value of the world in which he is a guest. But he always felt there was a part of him that was unfulfilled. On the day of his one hundred and first birthday, he packed his bags and set off on an adventure hoping that it would make him whole.

He booked passage on a boat that took him to Osirion. He spent nearly three decades learning the culture, having adventures, and hunting for relics. He had found his role in the world, if perhaps not his place. The heat of the desert finally took its toll and he packed his bags one more time.

The first boat heading north dropped him at Sandpoint. He figured that was as good of a place as any. Having spent most of his coin taking in the town and its people, he must again return to the life of an adventurer.

Aerel Xilocent

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