All is Well


A brief report of the events of 29 June.

The mayor provided the party with four horses and a bag of coins to travel to Magnimar in search of Crimson Basilisk blood. After traveling for four hours, camp was made. A band of 6 Kobolds interrupted an otherwise peaceful evening, they were dispatched in a bloody manner befitting their appearance. 50 gold coins looted from the bodies and were distributed between the party.

After traveling most of the day, the party arrived at the North Entrance to Magnimar. The Apothecary and Physicians Guild was found in the Keystone District. It was learned that a Dwarven healer by the name of Gilberto Llewellyn was are best prospect. Searching him out at a local drinking establishment lead the party into the midst of a bar brawl.

To find out who gets drunk and passes out, who gets in a fight and gets knocked out, and who gets arrested, tune in tonight!


Grendel82 Aerel

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