All is Well

The Return

The bar brawl was a feast for the eyes. Shalmanazar tripped over the bar, Gygnus lost some gold in the heat of the battle Aerel stood on a table, and Einric was hitin the head with a bottle. The party did find Gilberto in the bar and after the guards calmed the patrons, the they made their plea. Gilberto had 1 vial of crimson Basilisk blood but had to find it and the party found refuge at the inn till morning. Back at the guild they made the transaction and headed back to Sandpoint. During the midway camp they were assaulted by goblins and easily dispatched them. On return to Sandpoint the blood was given to Hanna and she went to prepare a concoction that may help. Einric followed to help with the preparation. The party was told to come back close to midday to find out the result.


Grendel82 Grendel82

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