All is Well


After leaving Nybor, the party travelled through the woods in a deep fog until they scouted a figure. As the figure drew closer, the party was ambushed by zombies. After a grueling battle filled with an impervous horse, tongued zombies, and missed opportunity for zombie rot, the party proved triumphant. As the zombie lord fell the fog lightened and the party saw the desolation within the forest. Bodies littered the ground in the forest were the battle had taken place. As any good adventuring party would, any useful items were quickly seized and divided.
The heroes collected:
1) Noble’s outfit
2) Arrows (20)
3) Bottle, glass
4) Potion of Cure moderate wounds
5) Potion of Eagle’s spendor
6) Horn of Fog
7) Pot, iron
+ Gems & Jewels(285gp)
+ Coins(15gp)


Grendel82 Grendel82

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